About Us

About Us: A Physical Therapist is a licensed healthcare professional who is trained to diagnose and manage movement dysfunction with the goal of enhancing the physical and functional status of their patients in all age populations.

What to Expect: Upon a patient's first visit an evaluation is given to determine physical deficits that are caused by orthopedic or neurological injuries. A physical therapist designs a personalized treatment plan that influences the patient's impairment and best improves functional return to activities.

Physical Therapy is unique to every person as injuries and functional limitations affect individuals differently secondary to age, medical history and physical condition. The therapist considers these factors when assessing a patient in order to develop the most beneficial treatment plan. This plan is introduced during an initial evaluation in order to educate a patient about his or her condition, to apply a home exercise program for the patient when appropriate, begin manual therapy treatment to correct any soft tissue injuries which include joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Flexibility Training is often given for home exercises to aid in overcoming limitations of muscles and joints. Strengthening programs are provided to enhance support to injured joints as well as improve balance and coordination so to allow patients to return to functional activities without the risk of re-injury.

Another important factor in therapy is informing patients about good posture and body mechanics. This is closely assessed and education provided so to help patient's gain optimal return of lifestyle and independence of activities.

Physical Therapist work as part of a team which begins with patient and includes an open line of communication with their doctors so to ensure every client receives the appropriate services specific to their diagnosis. We here at Vanderlinde Physical Therapy are here to aid every patient in achieving his or her goals in healthy active living. Thank you for allowing us to assist you during your Physical Therapy experience.